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Facial Recognition Module (Door Lock Opening System)

This technology has been designed to allow Users to unlock their doors with nothing but a smile. The lock has a camera that boasts the ability to recognize faces within 0.2 seconds. Within the application, you can register up to Unlimited* faces and manage their ability to control the locking mechanism within the door.

Facial Recognition App (Ivigil)

Ivigil is a highly accurate, AI facial recognition platform that is optimized for excellence in accuracy and performance for live video. Ivigil is architected to economically scale with high performance and rapid processing to instantly detect and match millions of faces in near real time, even under challenging conditions where faces are in motion, at different angles, under poor lighting conditions, or partially obscured.

Ivigil can be deployed on a single computer to monitor a handful of IP cameras, or scaled to thousands of cameras in a distributed architecture –hosted on premises or hybrid cloud.



We know very well that outstanding customer support will help any business to reach the peak of success. With several decades of experience, our professionals trust in constantly catering to your business objectives by offering a high level of customer satisfaction and fostering human interactions. We are known for taking care of our valued customers and endeavor to address their issues on time.

Importance Of Our Customer Support Team

A voice & non-voice based multi-channel can assist your business to develop significantly by precisely understanding the needs of the customer and offering customized solutions. We at Zoogle strive hard to provide visible difference from the crowd by offering exceptional customer service through web chatting, emails, telephone calls, SMS, and various other modes.

Our team of talented inbound support representatives always ensures that your queries will be valued and solved quickly. We trust in surpassing your expectations with deemed respect and care. Whenever you are facing any problem with our service, never hesitate to contact us as we offer wonderful means to provide the best solution.


We are the professional and smart hard workers prove our success from all our client’s success and happiness. Our software & Hardware development services customized and tailored well to encounter the client expectations. It is an effective process allows for the organization growth, beat the possible number of competitors and improve ROI.

We ready to face the challenges in all our customer projects and deliver our innovation as well skills to do the best. We give importance on the quality and try out using competencies of quality assurance, software testing, technology consulting, software support, etc. Our wide array of services engaged in the software and Hardware development

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