Other Platforms

E-commerce Platform as a Service

The E-commerce market place platform enables businesses to establish an electronic market place which would increase their client presence.

The E-commerce platform we developed can be used for a single business owner or for a group of merchants displaying their wares onto an electronic market platform. With Customer Relation Management (CRM) features, users can analyse their e-commerce transactions so as to better understand their client's behaviour.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Platform as a Service

Facial Recognition Module
(Door Lock Opening System)

This technology has been designed to allow users to unlock their doors with nothing but a smile. The lock has a camera that boasts the ability to recognize faces within 0.2 seconds. Within the application, you can register any number of faces according to your business needs and manage their ability to control the locking mechanism within the door.


ivigil is a highly accurate, AI facial recognition platform that is optimized for excellence in accuracy and performance for live video. ivigil is architected to economically scale with high performance and rapid processing to instantly detect and match millions of faces in near real time, even under challenging conditions where faces are in motion, at different angles, under poor lighting conditions, or partially obscured.

ivigil can be deployed on a single computer to monitor a handful of IP cameras, or scaled to thousands of cameras in a distributed architecture – hosted on-premise or hybrid in the cloud.