Core Capabilities & Services

Clients are our partners and we aim to provide top-notch quality service to our clients to support their businesses

Technology Development

We have technology know-how in developing platforms to serve our clients effectively. Most of the algorithms, interface and solutions are developed in-house through our own research and development efforts. We are constantly scouring the world for best practices and new technologies which would help us enhance our platforms to better serve our clients. For example, our facial and object recognition technology and encryption technology have all been developed in house by our own engineers.

UI/UX Design and Implementation

Understanding clients’ requirements are important. We pay close attention to our clients’ needs. In so doing, we can deliver a more efficient User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) and implementation with ease. In UI/UX designing, we consider many aspects from minimal steps to execution, understanding of user habits, aesthetics, eye-fatigue and display of data

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

To enhance the decision-making process for our clients, we have the technology to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities into our platforms. AI and ML can be applied to capture the experience of our clients’ business parameters to facilitate decision making.

Database Design, Management and Data Analytics

We have experience in designing from bottom up a database system which would capture the key information; scrubbed and verified, process them and provide succinct analysis. Once when the database is established, it can be hosted on our cloud, encrypted so as to make secure for users to access with ease and peace of mind.

Subject Matter Expertise and Process Definition

Our ability to deliver platforms swiftly and clinically is also due to our understanding of our clients’ subject matter. Our commercial team has knowledge of the industries we serve and so we are able to provide value added viewpoints accumulated from our previous clients’ experience. The commercial team’s familiarity with the subject matter enables us to define processes tailored to clients’ requirements with a good level of precision.

Support Services – 24/7

We understand that your business is important and any downtime may have an impact on you. Therefore, we avail ourselves to service our clients 24/7. In any follow up service level agreements, we offer you the choice of a one-day response or a shorter response time tailored to your operational needs. We are contactable 24/7.