This is Shuttle.

Millions of the data is seen and used every day. Shuttle can launch you into efficiency with your data.

  • Seemlessly manage your data

  • Instantly view your data

  • Control user-access to your data

Features to help your team succeed

Our Shuttle platform enables senior management of a company to access data in a coherent fashion so as to facilitate management to make better informed decisions. The Shuttle platform will offer management the ability to view company’s vital information in real time and on the go on any local device as it is a cloud-based platform. If clients prefer Shuttle to be installed on their local server, this can be done.

Main Features

  • All your data in one place - shuttle from data table to another table in an instant to view real-time up to-date information

  • Easily read your data right there with features like calculations and charts drawn for you. Add or edit your data and everything, and everyone, will stay updated.

  • Insights to your data - Get predictive analysis, insights, and more about your data


  • Accurate and accesible, rather than sending excel files back and forth and worrying about whether or not someone is looking at the updated version, Shuttle ensures everyone is viewing the same thing

  • User Access Controls - Customisable to your business needs, different users like Management and Admins, can view, edit, or create data right in Shuttle

  • Data security is the top priority for everyone, and we are no different. Sending your data up and down in the form of excel or text through email leaves potential threats like phishing or Man in the Middle attacks, getting hold of your data and exposing sensitive data. With Shuttle, data is secured and encrypted, and Row-Level Security in place so only the right people view the right data.

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