Time to Strol.

You have hundreds, thousands, if not millions of employees. Strol tracks, reports, book and record, and more.

  • Monitor and track asset and people movement

  • Report incidents, book and record visitor entries, log in performance reports etc.

  • Applicable to a security operations command centre

Features to help your business stay ahead

Strol is an Operations Management Platform that aims to streamline on-site operations management by unifying various operations under one platform. It provides a digitalised solution to key on-site operations which includes Attendance, Incident & Occurrence Reporting and Activity Tracking. Thus, allowing for a seamless and integrated workflow for a virtual command, control and compliance functions.

Main Features

  • Digital Clock-In for employees via a dedicated QR code

  • Incident Reporting for lodging reports on incidents (e.g. accidents, damages to site, etc)

  • Real-time tracking capabilities to track employee movements and other assets.

  • Visitor Management to check-in new visitors and oversee the visitors checked in or scheduled to arrive.


  • All In One Management Tool with integrated system to manage and audit on-site operations as well as consolidate various source of data under one platform

  • Cross-Platform Application as Strol is available on both Android Google Play store and iOS App store

  • Reduced operating costs and improved efficiency by going paperless recording and auditing of activities in the app. All you need is an electronic device (e.g. iPhone, iPad, tablet)