Let's Werkbuddy.

Thousands of applications, thousands of employees, thousands of paperwork - endless. With Werkbuddy, all that is history.

  • Online job application form for potential employees to indicate their interest

  • Easy to use Drag & Drop Shift management.

  • Automatic payroll generation

Features to help your business stay ahead

Werkbuddy is a Human Resource Management Platform, with several features to simplify employee hiring, attendance tracking, payroll management, and more. Manage employees easily.

Main Features

  • Payroll generation - No more messing with excel sheets. Let Werkbuddy do the work with its automatic payroll generation feature.

  • Shift management - Get the rundown of shifts in a glance with Werkbuddy. Shifts are easily assigned through an intuitive drag & drop system.

  • Job application - Streamline the job application flow. Using werkbuddy, anyone can apply for your company. View your applicants, and find the perfect employee for the job. Fully paper-less, cut down costs on hiring using Werkbuddy.


  • Simple to use as it is all in one web page, all accesible with one login.

  • Improve efficiency by going fully paperless & consolidated in one place. Find everything you need regarding shifts, payrolls, and employees quickly..

  • Save the environment, go green by using less paper and at the same time - cut down on costs relating to paper waste